Novartis Confirms Cosentyx Efficiency For Psoriasis Treatment

Novartis data confirm rapid response and high efficacy of Cosentyx in psoriasis patients for first time in China

Cosentyx is a targeted biologic that specifically inhibits IL-17A, a cornerstone cytokine involved in the inflammation and development of psoriatic disease. It includes psoriasis (PsO), psoriatic arthritis (PsA), and ankylosing spondylitis (AS). IL-17A is produced by both IL-23 dependent and IL-23 independent pathways, by various cells from both the innate immune system, which can be triggered by mechanical stress and the adaptive immune system. Cosentyx inhibits this cornerstone cytokine irrespective of where the IL-17A comes from by acting directly on IL-17A,

Novartis, leading pharmaceutical company announced new data regarding clinical trial conducted on 441 Chinese patients with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. The Phase III study was focused on investigating the efficacy and safety of Cosentyx (secukinumab). The data, part of a broader ongoing 52 week Phase III study in 543 patients reported that, 97.7% of patients treated with Cosentyx 300mg achieved PASI 75 and 80.9% achieved PASI 90 by week 12, with 87% of patients reaching PASI 90 by week 16. In patients treated with Cosentyx 150mg, 87.8% achieved PASI 75 and 66.4% achieved PASI 90 at week 12.

Cosentyx is a fully human monoclonal antibody neutralizing IL-17A. It has demonstrated rapid, long-lasting efficacy and safety in the treatment of moderate to severe psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, and the more persistent manifestations of psoriasis, namely scalp, palms, soles and nails, which is backed by a wealth of research with 100 studies. Studies proved that it helps clear or almost clear skin in 8 out of 10 patients within 16 weeks of treatment. Moreover, nearly 100% of response rates are maintained up to 5 years. “Cosentyx continues to deliver what psoriasis patients need – reimagining care to provide clear skin and a complete treatment,” said Eric Hughes, Global Development Unit Head, Immunology, Hepatology and Dermatology, and China Region Development Head. “We’re excited to report for the first time data for a Chinese population, and to see strong support from the data for Cosentyx.”