Plant-Based Vaccines Market Transform Health Care Sector To New Peak

Plants are a cost-effective, safe, and efficacious platform for large-scale production of vaccine in emerging economies and have the potential via oral administration to elicit a mucosal immune response. Key players in the market are focused on Research & Development (R&D) activities for development of plant-based vaccines for the treatment of infectious diseases. This is owing to the ability of plant-based vaccines to be mass produced, with higher efficiency, while maintaining lower cost compared to conventional vaccines.

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For instance, in August 2018, researchers from Arizona State University’s (ASU) Biodesign Institute, developed a norovirus vaccine from tobacco plant. Genetic engineering has allowed researchers to transfer specific genes from tobacco plant in designing plant-based vaccine for norovirus. Plant-based vaccine safe and effective for use against various infectious diseases as it activates patient’s immune system.

Key players in the global plant-based vaccines market are focused on in-organic growth strategies such as strategic collaborations and acquisition to harness R&D capabilities in development of new plant-based vaccines.

For instance, in June 2016, The Texas A&M University System (including Texas A & M University AgriLife Research and the Texas A & M Institute of Infectious Animal Diseases (IIAD)), entered into agreement with iBio, Inc., and its subsidiary, iBio CMO LLC for a collaborative program in plant-produced pharmaceuticals. The collaboration is expected to leverage R&D resources of the research institute with the commercial therapeutics and vaccine development and manufacturing capabilities of iBio. The goal of the collaboration is to rapidly develop and test cost-effective, commercial, therapeutic, and vaccine solutions against various diseases such as influenza and Ebola.

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Furthermore, in July 2013, Medicago, Inc., a Canada-based biopharmaceutical company, entered into a definitive agreement with Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation, whereby Medicago was acquired by Mitsubishi with 60% share in Medicago, Inc. 40% of the shares are currently held by Philip Morris Investments B.V.

Key players operating in the global plant-based vaccines market include, Medicago, Inc., iBio, Inc., and Icon Genetics- GmbH.