Facebook to face legal action over the Cambridge Analytica scandal from Washington DC

Facebook to face legal action over the Cambridge Analytica scandal from Washington DC
Facebook to face legal action over the Cambridge Analytica scandal from Washington DC

The attorney general in Washington, DC has finally launched a lawsuit against the tech giant Facebook on their involvement in the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

The tech giant, which is based in California is accused by the government that for being involved in misleading users and also failing to keep the data of the users secured. The stocks of Facebook went down about 5 percent after the lawsuit was filed. This legal action is headed by the attorney general of the District of Columbia. They are now accusing the company of selling the data of the customers to other companies.

The lawsuit against Facebook was filed in the Superior Court of District of Columbia. According to the attorney general, Facebook has inappropriately led millions of its users to believe in information which was misleading. They have also misplaced data of the customers and they have also done data sharing agreements with other partner companies. Data sharing has made Facebook open to lawsuits because it is direct. This year has not been a good year for Facebook. Facebook has been going through multiple scandals this year. There are scandals of privacy and also the role in the spreading of heat speech amid in Myanmar.

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Facebook has been dealing with a lot of lawsuits and finally, it had to face a lawsuit in its own country. After each and every case, Facebook is kept under scrutiny. The New York Times also investigated thoroughly on the entire lawsuit and how Facebook is sharing data with other partner companies.

According to Washington, DC, Facebook has not come out and declared their data breach. If they would have declared the data breach earlier they would not have to face the lawsuit. Facebook was also accused of selling advertisement worth millions of dollars to Cambridge Analytica and the presidential campaigns in the election which was held in 2016. It is also said that Facebook gives access to all the third-party applications to use their data and they also share customer data with all their partner companies.

Facebook is strictly violating all the privacy rules and regulations all around the world and this is the reason, it has been facing multiple lawsuits in 2018.

In the lawsuit, which has been filed by the attorney general, it is said that Facebook is responsible for jeopardizing personal information of the customers to their partner companies. It is also said that Facebook often sells these data of their customers to other companies.

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A big step is taken against Facebook because this is the only way all the data of the customers can be kept secure and safe. Facebook has come out and said that the data has not been sold to anyone. There was a breach in their security where they lost some data.