Erectile Dysfunction Market Shows Expected Trend to Guide from 2018-2026 with Growth Analysis

The global erectile dysfunction market was valued at US$ 4,129.5 million in 2015 and is expected to witness a CAGR of 0.2% during the forecast period (2016 – 2024).

Erectile dysfunction is known as the medical condition of penis, a recurrent inability of a man to reach and/or to maintain a penile erection sufficient for/during sexual activities. It is most probably an age-related factor, progressive condition, affecting some level of disorder (mild, moderate or severe) in about 50% of men aged 40-70 years, and with the increase in the age, severity of erectile dysfunction also increase  with a ratio of about 5% at the age of 50 to 15% at 70 years. Even though this is a common condition, related to both age and secondary medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, dyslipedemia, depression and cardiovascular disease, there were treatments conducted in the past by mostly andrologists, urologists and sex therapists. There has been a revolutionary introduction of oral drug therapy to treat erectile dysfunction and the enormous studies concerning erectile dysfunction has led to a paradigm shift in erectile dysfunction treatment.

According to study conducted by Canadian Institute of Health Research, there were about 4,000 Canadian men between the age 40 and 88 years, nearly half of them had erectile dysfunction. It was about approximately two times more usual in men with cardiovascular disease and four times more usual among men suffering with any kind of diabetes. Increase in the number of erectile dysfunction cases has led to an increase in the Cialis drugs, proportionally boost the erectile dysfunction market.

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With the significant increase in revenue of Erectile Dysfunction Market, over last decade, more than 31 chemical moiety have advanced into the therapeutic pipeline, out of which 90% of drugs/molecules are developed by companies and 10% of the molecules/drugs are developed by Medical Universities and Institutes. However, the increase in the molecules and drug in clinical trials, the global drug pipeline for erectile dysfunction is still insufficient to address the unmet needs of treatment in low income countries. One of the basic challenge for the mid-level pharmaceutical companies are their lack of regional presence across the globe. The global pharmaceutical companies are now involved in expansion of their erectile dysfunction product portfolio by merger and acquisition policies. For instance, in 2014, Endo Pharmaceutical Holdings Sale of American Medical Systems. In brief, some of the private equity firms are interested to buy American Medical Systems which is one of the leading manufacturer of products used to treat pelvic disorders of male and female, erectile dysfunction prostheses, and laser technology devices.

50 open clinical studies presently, to treat erectile dysfunction to boost the erectile dysfunction market

According to pharma industry news, in 2012, Viagra drugs dominated the erectile dysfunction market with an approximate market share of about 45% in terms of revenue. Though, the market value for Viagra has declined due to its patent expiry in European countries by 2013, however the other pharmaceutical companies has then shown a keen interest in developing the generic Viagra drug for erectile dysfunction treatment. In-spite the patent loss, US market maintained a continual growth and is expected to dominate the erectile dysfunction market by 2020. The other prominent drug after Viagra is Cialis which holds the second largest market share globally. At present the market for Cialis drug is growing exceptionally well, however there can be an expected decline of Cialis’s drug market share as the patent expiration is due in mid of 2017. Furthermore, one of the Bayer’s erectile dysfunction drug, Levitra/Staxyn is expected to lose its patent by 2018 and is thus expected to contribute to the declining market revenue for Erectile Dysfunction Market. However, as there about 50 drug molecules under clinical trials, among which few drugs are expected to launch by 2018 and 2019 owing to increase in Erectile Dysfunction Market proportionally.

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