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Dolls Kill raises up to $15 million to fund their edgy brand made for misfits

Dolls Kill raises up to $15 million to fund their edgy brand made for misfits
Dolls Kill raises up to $15 million to fund their edgy brand made for misfits

When Boddy Farahi met with Shaudi Lynn at a rave party in Los Angeles, he was instantly drawn towards fashion and the sense of style Lynn had. At that time, Lynn was basically a DJ and she was very much amazed at the business mind of Farahi, who is popularly known for selling a broadcast monitoring service called the Multi vision.

According to Farahi, he was instantly in love with Lynn and this is the reason they eventually ended up getting married. Now after marriage, both of them decided that they will be trying their hands to start a business together and name it Dolls Kill. The vision of the power couple was to start selling small items and eventually evolving into a big brand.

They started to expand their business and created an online boutique for themselves in the market. The business became very much popular and now they are looking for an investment of $15 million in the market. They generally sell clothes and accessories from companies like Motel, Kill star, and Skinny dip which are all United Kingdom-based companies.

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Shoppers like this brand a lot. In the year 2014, Dolls Kill which is basically a company which is based in San Francisco was able to generate total sales of $7.6 million. The sales number was the reason why a lot of venture capitalist firms started showing interest in investing the money in the business.

Maveron was one of the interested investors, which wrote a check of $ 5 million to Dolls Kill. The seven-year-old company Dolls Kill has been successfully able to raise $15 million in a whole new equity funding round and secured an investment of $10.7 million.

The capital which is raised by the company will be used to test out the new online store that they have been working on for quite a long time. They are also planning to open up new stores and they will be investing money on that. They also will like to increase the people working under this brand to grow their business at a faster rate.

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Dolls Kill is a brand which has a lot of similarity to a brand called Nasty Gal which was founded in the year 2006 and is known for making clothes only for the misfits.