Cisco tops the Indian networking market in quarter 3 of 2018, says IDC

Cisco tops the Indian networking market in quarter 3 of 2018
Cisco tops the Indian networking market in quarter 3 of 2018

The United States of America based company Cisco Systems has finally emerged as one of India’s networking leaders with a very clear lead over companies like Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Nokia in the WLAN segment, which include wireless local area network, routers, and Ethernet in the quarter three of 2018 according to the IDC, also known as the International Data Corporation study.

Cisco has been dominating the Ethernet switch market for quite a long period of time with almost 65.7% shares in the third quarter of 2018. Cisco is followed by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Huawei in the list. Cisco has also been accounted as the three fourth of the router market in just the third quarter of 2018.

Since Cisco has 65.7% market share, it also was able to take a lead over HP also known as Hewlett Packard Enterprise by 6.7 %., Nokia with 2.8 % and Huawei by 3.3 %. Cisco which is a California based company is now also dominating the router market with 75 percent shares, while Huawei is struggling at 7 %, Nokia is struggling at 11.2 % and Juniper is struggling at 5.5 percent in the third quarter.

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The Ethernet switch market in India is booming now, according to different research and the quarterly track report of the company stood out at $160.3 million. With the growth of 140.4 %, Cisco has been a market leader for quite a long period of time and it has also had a marketplace of 24.8 % market share in the quarter three followed by TP link which has a total of 17.3 % market share and Hewlett Packard Enterprise having 15.3 % market shares.

The market of Ethernet is growing in a rapid manner and all the main players of the industry are trying to generate more business. Cisco has been developing their Ethernet technology and working on it for quite a long period of time and the results have finally shown after they have been able to take a big lead over other companies.

Cisco is expected to grow its business more in the coming year and just like this year, they will be trying to grow their business by 140%. According to experts, Cisco will soon be emerging as the wireless giant in the Indian market after growing their business in such a rapid manner.