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AvantStay raises $5 million of investment from Zeno Ventures

AvantStay raises $5 million of investment from Zeno Ventures
AvantStay raises $5 million of investment from Zeno Ventures

AvantStay, which is basically a Los Angeles based hospitality brand, focuses mainly on group travels was successfully able to raise $5 million in funding from Zeno Ventures from their Series A.

The Series A investment of AvantStay was led by Bullpen Capitals with a collaboration of Conviviality Ventures, Presidio Bay Ventures, Abstract Ventures, F-Prime Capital, and Zero Ventures. The reason that AvantStay was looking for investment was to successfully able to spend their funds on operational technology infrastructure. They are also looking to expand in markets which are still not untapped.

AvantStay is now trying to grow the number of properties which they have under them. Now, they have more than 200 rooms available and according to them, they will be having more than 1000 rooms by the mid of 2019.

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AvantStay was co-founded by Doetsch and Breuner Reuben. The main focus of AvantStay is to provide good travel experiences to people with some premium properties designed with a lot of technology. Each of the properties of AvantStay is handpicked and will help to cater to the needs of different groups of customers. Most of the properties have in-house games available to make things interesting for the customers.

Doetsch and Breuner Reuben, the co-founders of AvantStay, are experts as serial entrepreneurs and they bring together a lot of experience in fields like technology, real estate, and hospitality.

AvantStay is now maintaining more than 60 vacation properties all across the United States of America. There are more than 300 rooms available there. AvantStay also maintains a very good relationship with Airbnb so that they are able to stay ahead in the market with all the technological changes.

Avant Stay is responsible for all the short-term rentals and they control the whole experience of the customer all over their stay. They focus greatly on the quality of the guest stay and this is why AvantStay has become very much popular among their customers.

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AvantStay is able to deliver a hotel level comfort to their customers in a rented property at a very affordable cost. A lot of people have already used AvantStay in 2018 and after they have received their first round of investment, they are ready to grow their business extensively.